Students who choose Dater High School are glad they did.

A Large School with a Small School Feel

Dater is a larger high school with the feel of a much smaller one. Because of caring, highly skilled teachers and administration and a positive, diverse, and inclusive culture of high expectations, Dater students find a home away from home where friendships and successful futures are forged. 

In the 7th grade, Dater students are placed in academic, interdisciplinary teams. This provides a structured transition from elementary to high school and allows students to build strong friendships with a small group of fellow students. The "big, scary high school" is brought down to size by careful attention to young people's social and academic needs. This team structure continues in the 8th grade.

Dater also has a wide variety of student-generated extracurricular activities where students with similar interests are able to come together regularly and build friendship and support

Diverse Academic Offerings

Dater offers a wide selection of academic options for students: Special College Preparatory Program, Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, English as a Second Language, and Culinary Arts.

If you are interested in pursuing success in college or a career, Dater has a program that will meet your needs and challenge you to grow to be your best. See more about all the academic offerings at Dater in the Curriculum section.

Diverse Student Population

Dater is one of the most diverse schools in the district. Students come to Dater from all races, ethnic heritages, socio-economic backgrounds, and ability levels. Regardless of what makes each student unique, all students are respected and all differences are appreciated and celebrated. Any student can feel included at Dater. 

Dater's Core Values

Dater High School's Core Values represent who we are as students and staff and what we strive to become. Who we are can best be seen in our actions and attitudes on a daily basis. These Core Values affect how we interact with one another in school and in the community, how we prioritize, and how we make decisions.  At Dater High School, we:


NBA superstar Kevin Durant is quoted as saying “hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”  We have some of the most talented and smart students in the Cincinnati area. That talent and intelligence, however, will never produce the future we want for ourselves and our families without toil – the type of work that is uncomfortable and difficult (i.e. the type of work we often try to avoid). As we choose to work hard, we will see results.


The fuel of genius is curiosity. Many people live as mere observers of the world, accepting what they are told as fact and not caring about what lies beyond their current experience. Dater students are not satisfied with what they have learned so far in life. We all realize that there is an endless supply of important questions yet to be answered (or even asked!); critical links yet to be discovered; and horizons yet to be explored. This leaves Dater students and staff always hungry for more knowledge, more intellectual conversation, and more challenges. Stay hungry, Dater.


History is full of stories of those who persevered through times of adversity and failure and eventually found tremendous success. Those who quit after facing trouble or difficulty aren't often mentioned in history as they rarely achieve anything worth mentioning.  Robert T. Kiyosaki wrote, “Failure defeats losers. Failure inspires winners.” What makes Dater different is that we face a challenging academic curriculum, endure difficulty at times, and never quit until we reach our goals of success and excellence.


The world we live in is increasingly selfish and insular. We are taught by the media to care only about ourselves – what we want, what we look like, what makes us happy at the moment. At Dater, we strive to be counter-cultural, caring about those around us, our community, and those less fortunate than us. We seek to heal rather than hurt, collaborate rather than isolate.  We encourage one another and work to make our world a safer, cleaner, and more accepting place – and we start at Dater.


Dr. Stephen Covey, author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, made sure that two of the seven habits he outlined had to do with planning. “Begin with the end in mind” and “put first things first” are two of the habits he describes as essential to being successful no matter what you want to do in life. Too many people (and a whole lot of high school students!) live only for the moment they are in without enough thought about where they want to go in life or what it will take to get them there. At Dater, we recognize that every homework assignment, quiz, test, and essay we are assigned is a building block for getting what we want out of life. Therefore, we plan our time and activities around our priorities and always keep an eye on our future while working in the present. Why settle for surprises when we can plan for success?

Dater's Motto - Visus Est Clavis

Our school motto, Visus Est Clavis, is a latin phrase which means, “Vision Is the Key.” At Dater High School, we know that focused hard work will lead to a successful future.  But we must also do the work of planning what we want our future to look like: what career choices we might want to pursue; what colleges we might want to attend; what type of family we want to have; what impact we wish to have on our community, nation, or the world.  Once we have vision for where we are going, we can more carefully focus our hard work so that it leads to the specific successes we want for ourselves.  Hard work is essential, but vision is the key.

Dater High School: A Community Learning Center

Through Dater's partnership with Cincinnati Youth Collaborative (CYC) the school has made a commitment to being a Community Learning Center.

Definition of Community Learning Centers from the Coalition of Community Schools:

Known in other states as community schools, community learning centers strive to be both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources. Its integrated focus on academics, health and social services, youth and community development and community engagement leads to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities. Schools become centers of the community and are open to everyone – all day, every day, evenings and weekends.

Using public schools as hubs, community learning centers bring together many partners to offer a range of supports and opportunities to children, youth, families and communities. Partners work to achieve these results:

  • Children are ready to learn when they enter school and every day thereafter. All students learn and achieve for high standards.
  • Young people are well prepared for adult roles in the workplace, as parents and as citizens.
  • Families and neighborhoods are safe, supportive and engaged.
  • Parents and community members are involved with the school and their own life-long learning.
  • Source: (2012) Coalition of Community Schools Frequently Asked Questions About Community Schools

For more information on community learning centers please visit:

Dater works with strong community organizations to enhance the rigorous academic curriculum offered.  The partners located at the school on a daily basis are listed below.  For more information visit our Community Partners Page .

  • Cincinnati Youth Collaborative
  • St. Joe's Mental Health Partner
  • Deaconess Health Foundation School-Based Health and Dental Center