Does my child have to pass the SCPP test to attend Dater?

The SCPP is a magnet program within Dater High School. To participate in this program, students must pass the SCPP entrance exam. Students may participate in Dater's standard program without passing an entrance exam. Our standard program can be selected in the same way as any other high school of choice in the Cincinnati Public School District. 

Is Dater connected to Western Hills High School?

While Dater High School shares a campus with Western Hills High School, our buildings, administration, teaching staffs and academic programs are completely separate. Shared by the two schools are our senior high athletics programs, marching band, auditorium and Metro bus service to and from school.

How can I see/visit/pick up my child from school?

To see, visit or pick up your child from school, have a picture ID with you to present to the staff upon entering the building.

How can I visit my child's classroom?

The courtesy of a phone call 24 hours prior to a requested classroom visit is appreciated. Upon arrival, all visitors must report to the office and secure a Visitor's Pass.

Can I meet with my child's teacher(s)?

Dater teachers love to meet with parents. Due to the busy schedule that teachers maintain, however, parents who wish to meet with any member of the staff are asked to schedule an appointment prior to reporting to school.

What's the best way for me to communicate with my child's teachers?

Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers via email. If a teacher has not responded within 24 hours, please call the office so that we can get a message to them. Phone messages can also be left in a teacher's voice mailbox.