Gilbert A. Dater High School was founded in 2000 after existing as a junior high school since 1967.  The goal of former principal Dr. Beverly Eby was to establish a high school on the west side of Cincinnati that offered a college-preparatory curriculum and the highest standard of academic achievement for students grades 7-12.

Since then, Dater has grown to become one of the most well-regarded high schools in the city. Having grown from 750 to over 1,200 students, Dater is proud to have a diverse student population and an excellent staff of teachers and other educators.

Gilbert A. Dater

Gilbert A. Dater was born in Alsace, a predominantly Germanic province in eastern France, in 1818.  In 1824, the Dater family migrated to the United States, settling briefly in Brown County, Indiana and then moving to Cincinnati.  Gilbert A. Dater married Louisa Fein (1827-1894).  In 1848, he acquired the land where the former Dater Junior High School building (now Dater Montessori School) was located along with quite a bit of land on the west side of Cincinnati.  Gilbert A. Dater owned and operated his own businesses and, while having had only limited formal education, had a profound respect for learning.