Dater works with strong community organizations to enhance its rigorous academic curriculum.

Our Partners 

Cincinnati Youth Collaborative

The Cincinnati Youth Collaborative (CYC) is our primary community partner and the sponsor of our Community Learning Center. CYC also implements their Talent Search Program at Dater High School. Talent search is a program that students must sign up to participate. Any student who wants to go to college is encouraged to apply. Participating students receive academic tutoring, preparation for college entrance exams, opportunities to attend college campus tours, assistance with financial aid paperwork, financial literacy programming, career advising and events for families.

Cincinnati Health Department and Deaconess Health Foundation

Cincinnati Health Department partners with the Deaconess Health Foundation to provide a School-Based Health Center and Dental Center that serve both Dater and Western Hills High School. The School-Based Health Center can bill a wide variety of health insurances for the services provided to students. Two nurse practitioners and a complete health center staff provide professional and compassionate care to our students. The Dental Center, co-located with the Health Center, provides a full-range of preventative and restorative dental care. From routine cleanings to fillings and cosmetic repairs, the Dental Center staff are able to provide all the benefits of a dentist office in the school setting. 

St. Joseph Orphanage

St. Joseph Orphanage collaborates with Dater High School to bring behavioral and mental Health services directly into the school. Mental health & behavioral health services have proven to increase student’s grades and overall performance. This program directly addresses trauma and stressors that can cause a student to act out, resulting in better performance in the classroom. St. Joseph offers group support to students, as well as individual support through counseling and case management. 

Charles H. Dater Foundation 

The Charles H. Dater Foundation provides funding to make Dater's summer bridge possible and grants renewable scholarships to deserving seniors every school year. Dater High School is grateful for the foundation's ongoing support. 

Community Arts Initiative

Community Arts Initiative (CAI) partners with Dater High School to provide enriching extracurricular activities to Dater's students. CAI established the Dater Cheer and Dance Team in 2014 and has implemented a number of exciting programs for Dater's students with multiple disabilities.


MindPeace aligns the partners, the infrastructure and the processes for children's mental health solutions. In collaboration with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, the Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, and other key community partners, increasing children's access to quality mental health services became our goal. MindPeace works to unite the right teams so youth and their families can get the mental health care they need. 

Upward Bound

Upward Bound is a pre-college program designed to prepare high school students attending Cincinnati Public schools for college success by providing them with essential skills in the areas of academic enrichment, personal development, career exploration and cultural exposure. Students possessing a minimum grade point average may enter the program during their freshman or sophomore year, and continue their membership throughout high school.

The program requires students to commit to participating during the academic year and the summer. All students and their parents/guardians must complete an application, submit a copy of their transcript and include appropriate documentation for income verification (for example, 1040 Tax Form, Food Stamp/SNAP eligibility).