High School Course Guide

Our High School Course Guide details the opportunities and resources available to our high school students. Students and their families are encouraged to use the High School Course Guide to plan their educational pathway. The guide includes course descriptions, information about early college credit and alternative credit programs, and more. Graduation requirements, grade reporting, report cards and other policies and procedures are also included in the guide.

Academic Programs

Dater High School's rigorous coursework requires students to perform to at their highest level.  In efforts to achieve the school's mission of preparing students for post-secondary education, Dater provides a number of unique academic programs to fit all student needs. 

College and Career Planning

To help students prepare for a successful post-secondary education, Dater offers a number of resources students may utilize.

Academic Resources

To support students in their coursework Dater provides a number of academic resources

Summer School and Senior Summer School

Dater offers students the opportunity to recover credits during a summer session in June.  More information about Summer School

Standardized Testing Information

Like all Cincinnati Public Schools, Dater students participate in Ohio's Statewide Tests.  All students at Dater grades 7 & 8 take the Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA).  High School students take the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT). More information about Standardized Testing