Programs offered at Dater High School

Special College Preparatory Program (SCPP)

Dater is one of only 2 schools in the Cincinnati Public Schools district to offer the SCPP, a classic college preparatory program for advanced students.  The SCPP is a full 7th-12th grade program.  SCPP students are required to take three years of Modern Foreign Language instruction and take a series of courses specifically designed to educate and challenge students who have passed the SCPP assessment (commonly known as the “Walnut Hills Test”).

The SCPP assessment is administered several times a year.  It is normally held at either Dater High School or Walnut Hills High School.  You can register for the SCPP assessment by calling the Cincinnati Public Schools Testing Department at (513) 363-0181. More information about the SCPP Program

Advanced Placement Program (AP)

Dater High School currently offers several Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  Advanced Placement is a nationally recognized college preparatory program that offers challenging, college-level courses to high school students.  
Advanced Placement courses are only available to students who have completed an application and have the approval of the counselor, current subject teacher, AP teachers, and parents.  AP subject area exams are administered by ETS in the spring and are required for course completion.  Only those students enrolled in AP courses may take AP exams at Dater. More information about the AP Program

Dual Enrollment

In 2013, Cincinnati Public Schools began a partnership with Cincinnati State Technical and Community College to offer our high school students greater opportunities to take college-level courses for free while also earning credits toward high school graduation. The partnership with Cincinnati State allows qualified students to take college-credit courses at no cost while in the familiar surroundings of high school. Dater currently offers five different dual enrollment courses as part of Ohio's new College Credit Plus program.

Culinary Arts Program

Dater High School is the home of a very special Culinary Arts vocational education program.  Available to juniors and seniors, the Culinary Arts program involves instruction and real-world practice in health and safety standards, food preparation, food storage, kitchen maintenance, and restaurant management training.  Instructor and Chef Dane Salabak teaches students how to prepare foods ranging from ordinary to the exotic in a restaurant-caliber kitchen/instructional area. More information about the Culinary Arts Program

Standard Academic Program

Along with our other programs, Dater offers a standard course of study with a focus on readying students for graduation and successful careers at the two-year or four-year college of their choice.  Along with the core subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science, Standard Program students have the opportunity to take electives in the areas of Foreign Language (Spanish, German, or French), Fine Arts (Band, Choir, Drama, Creative Writing, Art), and Computer Technology. More information about the Standard Academic Program.

ESL Program

For several years, Dater has been a welcoming environment for students who are English Language Learners.  Dater has been fortunate to see the number of English Language Learner students and families grow in the Dater community. To meet the needs of this group of students, Dater has developed a comprehensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program of study designed to immerse students in the English language while providing needed supports for successful completion of high school and adaptation to American culture.

For more information about ESL Services provided, visit the CPS English-Language Learners website.