Culinary Arts

Dater High School offers a culinary arts program for students in the 10th through the 12th grades. The three-year program begins in the 10th grade and then continues through the 12th grade.

Students can take a “Culinary Exploration” course in the 10th grade.  Here students explore the history of different cultures and how foods differ from culture to culture.  Students will get to taste foods from different cultures throughout the semester-long course.

Students learn basic kitchen skills in the 11th grade: how to use a knife, measurement, sanitation, safety, and exposure to different ethnic foods.

During the 2nd full year, students perfect their skills and have more exposure and opportunities to learn about what it would be like to have a career in the culinary arts industry.

Academic Requirements for the Culinary Program (Must Be Met Before Entrance)

A student must be a junior (earned at least 10 credits) and these credits must be earned in the following courses to be admitted into the Culinary Arts Program at Dater High School. 

Subject Credits
English 9 1
English 10 1
Algebra 1 1
Geometry 1
Physical Science 1
Biology 1
Modern History 1
American History 1

Physical Education 0.5 (this is a full year of Physcial Education- this subject is only 0.25 per semester)

Fine Art 1 (this could be Art, Band, Choir, General Music, Drama)

Senior Health 0.5 (one semester)

Total 10 credits

General Requirements:

  • Reading and writing at approximately 10th grade level. The text is written at that level.
  • Physical ability to stand for long periods of time.
  • Ability to lift at least 50 lbs
  • Average dexterity to handle knives and equipment safely
  • Good personal hygiene.
  • Ability to read and follow a recipe
  • Understanding of basic consumer math (weighing, measuring).
  • No problems with bodily fluids (drooling or any problem with mucus) per Board of Health.
  • Cannot be prone to violent outbursts (safety).